Caring Circle Comments – 4/4/2012


The Caring and Healing Circle has a specific outcome, healing.  Its participants tell you what it might do for you.


June – This has been a positive experience for me. I was part of the original group which started in April 2010 and this wonderful group of people have helped me get through some very difficult times, including the death of my Mother last year. Having people you can be honest and open with helps. I know that whatever I say here, I will not be judged or challenged. You couldn’t have come to a better place for support.


Alice  – I am also one of the original group which started after the April 2010 Caregiver’s Fair at St. Bede’s.  I share June’s feelings about the support and friendship that I have received from these meetings. My Father passed way last year and I am still facing uncertain life and health issues. I continue to receive love and support and assistance from my friends at this Circle.  It is true that you cannot help others, until you make up your mind to help yourself.  By coming here tonight, you have made that first step for doing something for yourself.


Gert – Yep, this group has saved my sanity quite a few times. I am also an “original” part of the group and feel that I can absolutely say what I want without fear of being judged.  It is necessary to be able to dump your frustrations and fears, because the longer you keep that kind of thing inside you, the sicker you can make yourself. I wish the group was in operation when my parents first started to get ill.


Herb – I wasn’t going to come tonight, because I am facing some challenges, but pushed myself to come because I know that whenever I leave the meeting, my mood is elevated and my outlook is definitely more positive.  This meeting is essential for anyone who is a caregiver. Support, love, laughter make the care giving experience tolerable.


Ralph – (new to the group) – I finally decided to get on my bike and make this meeting. I have been carrying around the meeting notice from the newspaper for six months and always found an excuse why I couldn’t come. I am so overwhelmed and consumed by my care giving situation that I had to make it tonight.  I don’t know where to turn or what to do next. I wish I could walk away from it all. I need to talk to people and could talk for five hours straight. I appreciate the opportunity to speak freely and unload my frustrations.


Ameilia– I came the original Caregiver Fair in 2010 and didn’t start coming to the meetings until last year. My Grandmother is in Cold Spring Hills and so I am care giving from a different angle these days. Not as hands on but I do visit her daily and try to take her out in the fresh air and stimulate her senses on a regular basis. I find that this group has helped me to face the inevitable.


Eva – I am a paid caregiver to elderly people. I go to the nursing homes to help family members ensure that their loved ones are being stimulated and watched over. I consider it a privilege to help others. I come here to unload some of the sadness and frustration I feel when dealing with people who really have no one. This group is always so friendly and upbeat. It’s good to share laughter and ideas.

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