Caregivers’ Response to Caregivers’ Fair and Caring and Healing Circle

Caregivers use their caregiving skill on one another. Upward Movement on the graph indicates healing.

Actual Progress of Caregivers Attending the Caregiver’s Fairs
and Healing Circle
Each chart displays a participant’s healing progress, session by session.
Each data point is an average of his/her comments during a single session.


Level 1 Victim The whole world’s against you and there is no way out.
Level 2 Complaint The caregiver expresses unhappiness or dismay at his/her situation.
Level 3 Reporting The caregiver is just reporting facts.
Level 4 Insight, Humor, Intention to Act The caregiver sees a brighter picture, and is thinking about making changes.
Level 5 Taking Action or Feeling Gratitude The caregiver understands his/her Situation, is preparing to take steps to manage his/her own welfare, and embraces the support he or she is perceiving/receiving,

This is described as a Likert Scale, and is an acceptable method for documenting attitude change. What we are so pleased to see is that Caregivers use their skills on one another, with such remarkable effect!

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