If you’ve ever been a caregiver, you know how difficult that job can be, and how much you wished for help that may not have come. That kind of help is what Caring For The Caregiver is here to provide. Please use the Click & Pledge widget above to make your donation.

For the past 2 years, Caring for the Caregiver has been supported by public funding and 100 hours a week of volunteer elbow-grease (figure 5,000 hours per year!) by our staff of 4.  We have had great hands-on support from the St. Bede’s Bishop’s Committee in Syosset, and major funding from Episcopal Charities of Long Island.

We received $20,000 in grants last year from 3 different sources and we were able to set up 5 different locations where our Caring For the Caregiving program has been introduced and currently running now.  We’re supporting Long Island caregivers, week in and week out with our Caring and Healing Circles. We’ve applied to many more charitable organizations recently. Our mission – every caregiver on Long Island within 30 minutes of a Caregiver program!  If we can fulfill our 2012 mission we can come pretty close with a total of 15 Long Island locations.

If you’d like to fund our entire program of 10 more Caregiver Fairs and Caring Circles on Long Island in 2012, we’ll need $40,000.  Five more is $20,000, 1 additional location is $4,000. And you can help us select the location.

Or, we’ll acclaim you as SUPER-HERO! for a donation of $1,000, HERO for $500, GREAT HUMAN BEING for $100.

Finally, we’ll say THANK YOU, VERY MUCH! for whatever you give.

If you’re ready to act now, call Roger Schilling, at 516 747-6525 and we’ll come and pick up your check.  Or click on the Click & Pledge Widget.  It will take your name and address, your credit card information and your money!  Everything will be processed perfectly, you’ll receive a proper receipt, and full credit for your charitable contribution.
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Friends or Partners in Caring For The Caregiver

How can I help? Join our Friends or Partners programs and you will. If

you would like to help us support Caregiving, we can help you contribute

meaningfully. And we’ll contribute back. If you take on “Caregiver Friend”


1. We’ll put your name or your business name on our website (which will

give you extra Google creds.) Over 120 people a week travel the site.

We’ll link the business description you supply to this listing.

2. We’ll keep you posted on what Caring For The Caregiver is accomplishing

on a monthly basis.

3. We’ll invite you to participate in some of our programs – like our next

Caregivers’ Fair. We’re scheduling four more for Long Island this year.

This is an exciting time for Caregivers – they discover that “they are

not alone!” and we want them to see that you and your organization

stand by them. If you market to caregivers, we have a program for

you. And, at the start, we’ll ask you for a contribution of $100.

What’s a “Caregiver Partner?” Someone who financially supports an individual

Caregivers’ Fair/Caring Circle program.

As a Caregiver Partner, you and your business will sponsor a particular

Caregivers’ Fair/Caring and Healing Circle event. You will actually cause the

program to take place. We’ll draft speakers, create flyers and posters, find

a hall or other locale, generate mailers, get publicity, and make it happen.

At the program, we’ll ask you to speak about Caregiving and about being

a Partner. You’ll be publically thanked, and singled out for the attention

of all the Caregivers present – estimate 60-120. If Caregivers are your

customers, those who attend will get to know you as a friend, and as a

preferred supplier.

We will celebrate your support, and work out ways to make this sponsorship

work for you and your business. We will key your support into our

presentations, our promotions, publicity, and the entire program. This will

be “your day!” The cost for the Caregiver Partnership is $1500, which

defrays half the $3,000 total expenses of generating the Caregivers

Fair, and training Facilitators for the subsequent Caring Circle. Expenses

include printing 4-color leaflets, providing food, managing transportation for

speakers, aggressive publicity, email connections to our networks, and so

forth – details available. Your cost will show up as a donation – which can

give you tax mitigation.

Caring For The Caregiver is going through a remarkable growth process, so

please grow with us. Our mission is this: No caregiver on Long Island will

be more than a 30 minute drive from a Caring and Healing Circle- one of the

most effective Caregiver support groups ever created. The circles are not

disease- specific. This year we want to set up 4-5 more Caring Circles on

Long Island. See http://www.caringforthecaregiver.org. We appreciate your

help in getting this huge goal accomplished.

Craig Jennings – craig@caringforthecaregiver.org – 516 944-6454

Roger Schilling – roger@caringforthecaregiver.org -516 747-6525

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